Massachusetts Election Musings

2 11 2010

Some folks must be just plain dense, or they had rose-colored implants installed during their Lasik surgery.

Disappointed but not surprised. Nothing that the brain-dead bunny hugging entitlement junkies in this state do surprises me any more. I swear to God, you could kick one of their nuts up into their throat and they’d ask you to kick the other one right up there with it.

Hang on tight kids, the worst is yet to come. Rather than see how close they came to being out on their asses because of their ultra left agenda, the Dems that got reelected are going to view this as a complete validation of their actions so far and not only continue but amplify their destruction of our state. Whatever was done badly in the past will be only a preview of what’s to come.

The voters have sent the message that they want to pay more taxes. They want to give more and more entitlements and handouts to the idle, illegal, criminal and lazy. They want one hand over their mouth and the other in their wallet. They want the government to decide how much of our pay we get to keep, rather than how much the government should be allowed. They want known incompetants, boobs and buffoons to steer this ship again and again aginst the rocks, convinced that if they do it enough they will create a beautiful sandy beach.

I am only grateful that the rest of the country had enough common sense and balls to push back and bring some balance back to the houses of Congress. There may be hope yet for the nation if there is none for Massachusetts. Liberty was born here, and it appears to have been slain here as well.

It pains me to say it, but given the GOP wipeout in Massachusetts tonight, I’m skeptical that the red wave will penetrate states as blue as those.




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