22 05 2014

Yeah, it’s me, I haven’t forgotten this place. Hoping to be back soon with more. Keep the faith, all!


Snowmageddon Part 2

11 02 2013

Although the storm wasn’t as bad as it could have been, still some hassles.

The town saw fit to make one pass down the street. I spent today cleaning out about 6 feet of piled up slushy crap so the mail could be delivered.


Two greenhouses partially collapsed under the weight of the snow. One of them took out a thermostat wire, the heat shut off, the pipes froze…this mess will take a while to fix.



On the bright side, things are supposed to warm up a bit over the next few days. So, here’s hoping the snow cover will recede without flooding, freezing, mudding or some other mean nasty complication.

Snowmageddon 2013

8 02 2013

“Snow event of the Century”…we’ll see about that.

Updates will be appended to the post:

9:30 AM

9:30 AM

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Like a Chicken, rising from the ashes…

11 09 2012

Yes, I have been woefully neglecting this blog. If there was a blog DSS, it would have taken it away from me by now and placed it in a foster home. Updates: the great nephew has turned one year old and is the cutest half Mongolian little tyke I have ever seen. We got six more chickens who are egg laying machines. Both kids are driving. I’m avoiding politics this post.

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Bump post.

31 07 2011

For those who aren’t familiar with it, a “bump post” is used on an online forum to refresh an older post by adding a reply. This way instead of the older post being about ten pages back on the “recent” list, it goes right on back to the first page.


So, as I’ve been doing other things and not really updating the blog much lately, here’s my “bump post”.  Just a few quick updates:


The Mongolian is here to stay; they were married within weeks of his arrival and the little one is due any day now. Necessity or efficiency, my brother will be a grandpappy either way.

Down to one chicken. Pestilence left its dark blemish on our coop with one sole survivor who now rules a lonely roost. Construction is underway for an expansion and influx of new chicken immigrants.

Living off the land: Planted some crops out back which immediately became a buffet table for chipmunks, woodchucks and deer. Farmer Fartwaffle hast slain over a dozen chipmunks (I don’t want tot hear it, they’re colorful but they’re still rats), one woodchuck and is running out of ways to discourage the cloven hoofed varmints from getting into the squash. We are getting closer to “Centerfire Day”.

I need to post this and get back to work, the cable guy is coming tomorrow to do an install. DirecTV was great while it lasted and if not for their absolutely abhorrent customer service I would have continued paying $40 more a month than I am going to be paying with cable. I hope that $20 “free” service call was worth it, DirecTV.


Till next time…

See Mike Go

23 04 2011

Shameless plug for the Magicshoes Blog.

Mike’s Travel Blog

Maybe now he’ll give me a call when he’s in town…

The Left’s Arizona Shame…

10 01 2011

If you had asked me three days ago if there could be anything more disgusting than the cold blooded murder of the elderly, a young man and a child at a political rally I would not have been able to come up with something.

The shameless and disgusting exploitation of this tragedy by the media (here) (and here) and the left has now changed that, and here’s why:

Psycho nutjob starts shooting at a Democrat function, kills elderly, a young man, a child, a Federal Judge and injures a Congresswoman among others.

  • Conservatives: Convict and execute the criminal.
  • Liberals: Blame Palin, Beck and Fox, submit legislation limiting 1st and 2nd Amendment rights within 12 hours.

Now for the sake of argument, suppose the psycho nutjob starts shooting at a Republican function, kills elderly, a young man, a child, a Federal Judge and injures a Congresswoman among others.

  • Conservatives: Convict and execute the criminal.
  • Liberals: Have an orgy, make the criminal a professor at some University.