Massachusetts Election Musings

2 11 2010

Some folks must be just plain dense, or they had rose-colored implants installed during their Lasik surgery. Read the rest of this entry »


Quick Note!

1 11 2010

Just a note to let anyone know that I haven’t abandoned the blog, just have other matters to attend to…school 4 days a week, work, injuries, etc.


  • We have eggs #2 and #3. The late bloomer chicken lays light blue eggs.
  • My niece came home from Mongolia, went back and returned once more with her fiancee, who speaks about 10 words of English. They were staying with my folks, didn’t go over too well. They’re now living with my sister in PA, hopefully a better environment for his assimilation into the USA.
  • Oldest is at college and not homesick. Classes and sports are going well. I am very proud of her.
  • Out injured from work for a week. Ankle injury has completely derailed my 10 week plan to run a 5K and it’s all an illegal immigrant’s fault. Long story.

Looking forward to having enough time to throw a few more thoughts online but it will be awhile. For now, vote early, vote often and stop the madness. Forced charity is slavery. Let us follow the paths we choose.

Mama Root Beer

12 08 2010

Well, I can now say that we have Egg #1. Root Beer the Chicken proved her worth this morning with the following deposit into the nest box: Read the rest of this entry »

Birds, Berries & Bees

5 08 2010

I spoil our chickens.

I mean, we only have three of them and the idea of our own egg-producing poultry is still novel so I try to keep them fat and happy. Plus they’re such fun to watch, even if we haven’t seen egg #1 yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Taliban Monkeys With Guns

14 07 2010

I am just now realizing how menacing monkeys really are. Sure, we all see them in little comical sketches on TV, or at the zoo or at the circus. But those little simian miscreants plan to get the last laugh. Read the rest of this entry »

An open hand lifts better than a pointed finger.

9 06 2010

Blame fixes nothing.

When I first started posting a few things here and there on this site I kind of told myself that maybe I could just have some fun and not get too political about things. Unfortunately when the political side of things really start nagging at you, comes a time when you need to vent just a little bit. Read the rest of this entry »

June 6…

6 06 2010

“Every man who set foot on Omaha Beach that day was a hero…”