Like a Chicken, rising from the ashes…

11 09 2012

Yes, I have been woefully neglecting this blog. If there was a blog DSS, it would have taken it away from me by now and placed it in a foster home. Updates: the great nephew has turned one year old and is the cutest half Mongolian little tyke I have ever seen. We got six more chickens who are egg laying machines. Both kids are driving. I’m avoiding politics this post.

Crops this year were a mixed bag. My daughters on-again off-again boyfriend helped build a fence around where we were planting the vegetables to keep the deer out and it worked pretty well. Got a decent amount of tomatoes, peppers, squash and beans. The rain was better for the corn this year but we had some bug issues, and then the squirrels and chipmunks came in. Normally these little rodents aren’t much of a problem but our cat that preyed upon them (Max) either joined the Navy or went to dinner with a coyote a while back. Our other cat, Charlie, rarely bothers with such plebeian things as chasing rodents,  so the varmints are running rampant. The .22 caliber solution is only going so far:

so at this stage of the game whatever corn is left will be dried for the chickens as it is not really fit for human consumption.

So we’re starting to get our winter preparations underway. Around here that means hitting the gym before the upcoming high school reunion (has it REALLY been 30 years?) and as indicated above drying corn for the chickens. Last year the rodents found the corn drying on the greenhouse benches and filled their little bellies with it. Rotten little creatures. So this year I had the brilliant idea of hanging the corn up to dry:

Seems to be working out very well. The corn dries quickly and the animals are unable to get into it. Figure filling a 5-gallon bucket will help stretch the food budget over the winter. We shall see.

We’re still hoping that someday Max will show up out of the blue, with a tattoo and a seabag but till then, Providence saw fit to deliver unto us a New Kitten.  This New Kitten shows potential for being the hunter as it is being encouraged to attack everything that moves and has Charlie in fear for his tail. How the New Kitten found its way to the Fartwaffle Farmhouse however is a post for another day.





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