Playing Catch-Up, Part I

8 05 2010

Greetings from lazy-land. Well, not really. I mean, I feel like I’ve been lazy but really the reason why it’s been getting warmer lately must be because of all the irons I have in the fire.

First things first:

As promised many moons ago, pictures from a few months back. As my faithful reader may recall, after my icebreaking and eye-opening trip to the Quilting show, I was rewarded with a trip to the Lancaster Brewery.

While walking back to the car from the quilt show, we did happen across an old church, complete with a boot scraper by the door,

Classic stained glass windows,

and out back, grave markers in the walls complete with cherubs and skulls. I want a headstone like these!

After checking out the church, it was off to the Brewery!!!

I did have to explain to Dad that this didn’t really say, “Better Beer to Up Step”.

Half the place is the restaurant / bar…

The other half looks down over the beer nursery:

So, we had a delicious meal and I brought home a growler of Lancaster Brewery’s own Hop Hog ale. Next time you happen to be in the vicinity of 302 North Plum Street in Lancaster, PA I highly recommend you stop by for a visit.




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