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9 04 2010

Just a few musings since I really haven’t had anything worthwhile to write about. Hopefully my one known fan won’t be too disappointed, since I came out of the gate so well with the quilt show column and things have been sort of anticlimactic since then.

For the past couple of days the weather has been remarkably – freakin’ great. I’m currently living in the Northeast, so the climate gets to be temperamental every 12 hours. So Mother Nature was feeling all cuddly and decided to give us a little backrub up here.

Having a couple days off from work, I proceeded to sleep until noon and got up ready to take on the world.

The (bad?) part is I feel guilty because I really didn’t accomplish anything. I didn’t clean the garage. I didn’t walk around the yard and pick up the sticks and branches that have been accumulating. I didn’t wash the car or sweep off the back deck. I didn’t uncover the patio furniture and reinstall the cushions. I didn’t pace off the foundation area for the chicken house that I’ve been talking about building since last year. I sat around and watched the tweeting birds make a nest on our porch and threw them some bread crusts. Accomplishments? Tasks? Work? Nope, nothing.

Well, not quite nothing. I did make it out to the range for a couple hours and then came home and cleaned up the 1954 Czechoslovakian vz.52 that I bought last week. (And yes, I spelled Czechoslovakian correctly the first time. The second time, too. Yay me!)

56 years old and still packs quite a wallop.

Moving right along…

Max the Cat provided some comic relief, I had the window behind my desk open to air the place out and Max figured out that if he jumped onto the window sill he could stick his head out the window, reconnoiter the area, and hop down into the back yard to go prowling. Prowling for what, I don’t know. The only vermin he has been able to catch this year is a mole, like a fat, blind and flipper footed rodent is much of a challenge for a 3 year old cat. His brother Charlie keeps us critter free for the most part. But I digress.

Anyhow, a few hours later he was back inside and went to hop out the window again, failing to realize that the window was now closed and planting his face firmly against the glass. Max is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He poops in the garden, begs for attention at 4AM, produces funny (not “ha, ha” funny) odors when he is brushed but he keeps my feet warm in the winter.

So now here we are a day later, it’s raining, it’s cold and I’m still accomplishing absolutely nothing. Max is nowhere to be found, he’s either terrified of windows now or he is sleeping (and no doubt shedding) in a pile of clean underwear. Maybe spending time on the treadmill will provide some energy or motivation. Just as soon as I’m done checking my Facebook account…or having a snack…

Till next time.




One response

13 04 2010

Excellent. Especially the part about “not doing anything all day.” I call that a good day. A really goooooood day. Good for the body, soul and mind.
Carry on.

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